• How can I volunteer?

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  • How can I get Bill and Brenda to speak at our church?

    Contact Rebecca to schedule a speaking engagement.

  • How can I donate?

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  • How can I pray for the ministry?

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  • How does SHAN help the girls on the street?
    She used to live in your neighborhood. She’s someone’s daughter, sister, mother or friend. She Has A Name. Now she is desperate, hopelessly addicted, homeless and walking Broadway in Camden. She’s searching for that next bag that offers her escape, not knowing that each bag only tightens the chains that keep her bound. She needs to know she is loved, that there is hope and a way out. A way to freedom, forgiveness and new life. She needs to find the redeeming love of Christ and have the chains that hold her broken forever. (John 8:36)
    What does the SHAN ministry do?
    The ministry has had a street presence for over 12 years with a burden to build relationships and trust with the ladies.The ministry has also provided a “safe home” where the ladies can find refuge, rest and love, and a time out from the realities of life on the street.The ultimate goal would be to see the ladies leave Broadway forever and enter long term Christian discipleship where they can begin to heal and find hope for a new life. SHAN provides the unconditional love of Christ to these ladies and comes alongside them in many practical ways providing the important things the ladies need. By God’s grace the ministry has been blessed with certain people and missions who provide the SHAN women with the tangible needs: medical physical, emotional and spiritual, as they begin their journey towards new life. Our heart’s desire is to watch God lovingly rescue these women “one life at a time.”
  • When did the ministry start?
    South Jersey Aftercare, an all volunteer ministries, started on June 1,1997. In those early days, it was dedicated to helping men reenter society after prison.  Bill Antinore was ministered to by SJA after his release from prison in July 1999, and shortly thereafter was asked to lead the ministry.  The Lord added the ministries of My Father’s Hands and She Has A Name.  Seeds of Hope was formed in 2011 as the umbrella organization over SJA, MFH, and SHAN.
  • How is the ministry funded?
    We are funded by churches, individuals, corporations, and two thrifts stores.  We do not accept funding from government agencies because Jesus is the center of our ministry, which can limit the agencies.
  • What services do you provide?