For most of us, getting ready for Thanksgiving involves making a list of the items that we are going to have for dinner, heading out to the store to purchase them, figuring out who we are going invite over for the meal and, on Thanksgiving Day, enjoying a great day of thanksgiving, football, food and fellowship.

That is not the case for everyone…especially families who currently have an incarcerated loved one or who are otherwise in a difficult season of their lives financially. Of course, these are the exact people that the Lord calls us to serve and to reach out to in His name…the poor, widows, orphans, the least of these…no matter the cause of the circumstances that they now find themselves in. We have a great opportunity to practically demonstrate the love, mercy and compassion of Jesus Christ by coming alongside these families at, for them, a very difficult time of year.

You can help & serve in a number of ways:

  • As an individual or a family you can purchase the items necessary for a Thanksgiving meal for a family here in Camden…maybe two complete meals!
  • You can collect the items necessary for a few meals from co-workers at your office, friends at school or members of your church…
  • After you collect the items you can drop them off at any one of three locations:
    • Seeds of Hope Ministries, 1700 S. Broadway, Camden, NJ 08104
    • Hope Thrift I, 25 S. White Horse Pike, Stratford, NJ 08084
    • Hope Thrift II, Brooklawn Shopping Ctr., Crescent Boulevard (Route 130) Brooklawn, NJ 08030
  • Don’t have the time to go shopping? We have people ready to purchase complete meals for the families…if you would like to help in that way then please consider donating $30 which will cover the cost of the items for a meal. Maybe you can provide two or three meals!!!You can do that right through the Seeds of Hope website (click here) or you can mail a check directly to our offices [1700 S. Broadway, Camden, NJ 08104].
  • You can join us on Saturday, November 18th to assemble the food boxes and deliver a few Thanksgiving meals to the families. Arrive at 271 Atlantic Ave, Camden, NJ 08104 at 11AM. (11/18/17)

    Every way to serve is crucial. Please prayerfully consider how the Lord is directing you to serve with this awesome outreach.


Frozen Turkey

Boxed Stuffing Mix

Canned Vegetables

Dinner Rolls

Instant Mashed Potatoes

Turkey Gravy (jar or mix)

Canned Yams

Cranberry Sauces




Aluminum Roasting Pan

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Onkar at or at 609-304-6748. Thank you for considering helping in reaching out to the least, the last and the lost here in Camden.