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Seeds of Hope Ministries began by the grace of God, in 1997, as a prison ministry known as South Jersey Aftercare. Over the years, the Lord grew the ministry into three distinct ministries serving different groups of people:


South Jersey Aftercare (SJA) ministers to men on the inside and specifically ministers to them in their transition from prison.


My Father’s Hands (MFH), which the Lord birthed in 2001, comes alongside our neighbors and others who find themselves on the street here in South Camden.


She Has A Name (SHAN), which began in 2005, is an in-reach and outreach ministry to ladies in the bondage of addiction who have turned in desperation to prostitution to support their habits. 


All three ministries are now under the banner of Seeds of Hope. Our desire is that we represent the Lord’s heart well to everyone that He places in our path and that they will come to know the lover of their soul.

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