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This ministry is an outreach & in-reach ministry to ladies in Camden who are in bondage to various addictions and who turn to prostitution to support their habits. Since 2005, the SHAN team meets the ladies right where they are and offers them unconditional love, hope and healing and practically through no cost detox and long-term Christian discipleship homes where the healing can begin.


She is someone's daughter, sister, mother or friend.

She has a name.

Now She is desperate, homeless, addicted: 

prostituting and walking on Broadway in Camden.

She is searchingfor the next bag that offers her escape, not knowing that each 

bag only tightens the chains that keep her bound.

They are loved by God, seen by Him, and not forgotten and we pray that His love will set them free. Ultimately, our goal is to see these woman leave the streets of Camden forever, enter detox, and long-term Christian restoration ministries. We trust God to do in their hearts and lives what only He can.


  • Imitate Jesus and love the ladies right where they are and just as they are

  • Initiate, build, and sustain personal relationships

  • Provide hope & a way out of bondage

  • Provide detox & entry into long-term Christian discipleship ministries through our ministry partners

  • Be the instruments of God’s grace to help reconnection with husbands, children, brothers, sisters, parents, etc.

  • Identification Assistance

  • Provide practical items for survival on the streets

  • Pray with and for the ladies without ceasing

She Has a Name
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